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xxxtrader is a managed community by the dividend we got from an investment to 3 of high-profit business.
When you participate in this community, 2 merits are obtained.




Xpoint is given every day according to the target value of packages you bought. Xpoint can exchange it for BTC. You can draw out BTC from there.


Special bonus

It's possible to recruit a participant and you can get a special bonus according to the number of participants.


We have secured the profit by investing in 3 of high-profit business.
When our funds increase, a diversification of investment becomes possible.
That enables to reduce risk and produce the profit.

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Automatic dealings of a cryptocurrency

Achievement of the previous year:
An average of 34.1 % every month

Our company in Cambodia have done in-house development of an automatic buying and selling system by a local server. We keep trading more than 8 kinds of present cryptocurrency using this system, and the profit is produced. The price difference by the exchange of a bitcoin and a ripple is often very big in particular.

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Real estate buying and selling business

A real estate property of high return can be bought at our Cambodian company by cooperating with local stockbroker's real estate company. Cambodia is developing quickly at present. They're able to make the high profit by our doing real estate buying and selling.

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Wholesale business of the gold and the precious metal

We buy the gold inexpensively and sell highly. More than one agency is commissioned to deal in gold for acquisition of the foreign currency from the government of one country. Our company is the one. We produce the profit by exporting and selling this gold.

We can buy an ore of a diamond directly from South African De Beers Group by our special network. We buy it by the price of the 41~53% of the selling price and entrust to a processor. We appraise that and sell wholesale to a store. This is the business which produces the benefit of the 12~18% of the selling price in 2~~3 months. We invest funds in this and produce the profit.



We form a community out of the person who receives a dividend from us.We will make the community to 1,000,000 people for 1 year and 10,000,000 people within 3 years. That will be the media which connected at the whole world.

The member is connected digitally in the community we made.When we get information on new service, it'll be spread through a member of a community instantly. That's also in the whole world simultaneousness.

This keeps a possibility that conventional marketing plots change itself. We, media will be itself. As a result, much large enterprise is gathering under us one after another, and they would request that they would like to advertise them. When the profit the present advertising agency takes starts to enter us, our profit will be an astronomical number.

When the cost announced to 10,000,000 people are 1,000,000 dollars for 3 months, it'll be 3,000,000 dollars for 30 companies. About 12,000,000 dollars a year are left as the profit. When this will be 30,000,000 people 5 years later, it's the three times. When it'll be 100,000,000 people 10 years later, it's the 10 times. Our community earns the profit of about 100,000,000 dollars every year.This is different from main business and speculative business.This is the stable profit-making sources.

We have strengthened the member's recruitment for the purpose of formation of media by this community. The merit they can receive is maximized to make sure that the participant can concentrate on formation of a community.

The life expectancy of 1 business model is called 5 years.Time when 3 businesses of our investment destination are also obsolete soon would come.But, we can be the business unit which secures the stable profit by formation of media.We invest its profit, produce the further benefit and return to a community. And our company grows into an enterprise which equals large enterprise like Apple or Samsung.




Price 0.10 BTC
Target Value 10%
Days 600
Binary Bonus 0.5%


Price 0.50 BTC
Target Value 12.5%
Days 480
Binary Bonus 3%


Price 1.20 BTC
Target Value 15%
Days 400
Binary Bonus 3%


Price 2.00 BTC
Target Value 20%
Days 300
Binary Bonus 5%